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A problem of adolescent suicides

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 Vladimir T. LOBODIN, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assoc. Professor at the Department of Life Security and Health Protection of Leningrad Regional Institute of Education Development (LOIRO), director of Courses in Counseling Centre of St. Petersburg Orthodox Doctors Society named after St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky).

The report reveals the main cause of suicidal behavior. The speaker asserts that there is spiritual emptiness in the basement of life activity for the most part of adolescents. This characteristic is amplified by activity of harmful websites that openly appeal for a “beautiful” departure. How a person looks at the world, so the world becomes for the person – the preventive measures against adolescent suicides consist in teaching a child to see the meanings of the world and, the most important, of his or her existence. To see his or her life as a beginning of Eternity, and the ways of good, as the natural ways of his or her personality.

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