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10-year experience of the Counseling Centre named after Holy Hieromartyr Cyprianus and Martyr Justina. A portrait of a patient – victim of an occult influence

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Vladimir T. LOBODIN, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assoc. Professor at the Department of Life Security and Health Protection in Leningrad Regional Institute of Education Development (LOIRO), director of Courses in Counseling Centre of St-Petersburg Society of Orthodox Medics Saint Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky).

The report reveals the reason of an unhealthy people’s interest in mysticism and occult practices. The speaker asserts that this interest appears from basic ignorance about spirituality, about the purpose of human life and its tasks. What is the most important – people’s ignorance of the Christian life goal and the ways of its achievement. Searching people are the most frequent to fall into occult nets. The task of missionary service is to show them the beauty of Orthodoxy, so that they could see the disaster of churchless ways and become convinced Orthodox Christians.

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