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“Doctor Petr Alexandrovich Badmaev’s Life and Activity”

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Nikolay F. ZHARKOV, doctor, the member of the board of Saint Petersburg Orthodox Doctors Society named after St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky) and Tatiana V. ZHARKOVA, doctor, the full member of Saint Petersburg ODS

Life for people – so one can describe in brief the activity of Petr Alexandrovich Badmaev, the doctor of the Tibetan medicine. He held public offices, had access to the tsar, ministers paid attention to his opinion. But soon after the revolution of 1917, the doctor Badmaev was arrested as a “tsar’s henchman” and his name was undeservedly forgotten for long years. This report tells about an outstanding personality of Russian diplomat, researcher of the Orient, scientist and medical practitioner.

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