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Medicine and miracle. Miracles of st Luke on Cyprus

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Theophylact Hadjicosta, the professor of Theology, employee in Limassol Mitropoly, the Head of Committee of the Construction of the Church of St Luke of Crimea.

Being the head of St Luke of Crimea Church in Limassol Construction Committee, I have the opportunity to be aware of and to be surprised by the life and enormous work of St Luke of Crimea, one of outstanding surgeons of the 20th century,who was the confessor and bishop at the same time. Thanks to St Luke many people in Cyprus got to know God and believed in Him. When medicine can’t help anymore, the intercession of St Luke happens to be astonishing. There is already a book, where witnesses of people, cured after the appearance of St Luke in their dreams or when awake, are written. Two more things to say, St Luke still performs miracles and let his prayers be with us.

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