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The relationship between the chewing system of a modern person and stress

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Valery Y. Parshin, dentist of the highest category, Candidate of Medical Sciences, head of the private dental clinic “Duvip”, full member of the St Petersburg Orthodox Doctors Society. (St. Petersburg)

The chewing system should be considered as a complex of organs belonging to different systems – digestive, skeletal and muscular. The upper and lower jaw, masticatory muscles and muscles of the neck, which set the lower jaw in motion, are referred to the musculoskeletal system; teeth, gums and tongue belong to the digestive system. All these organs participating in the act of chewing can be combined into the concept of a chewing organ. The chewing organ can play a very special role in dealing with psychological stress. Bruxism and clenching of teeth are normal defensive reactions in response to the influence of the environment and psychological pressure on the individual. Therefore, through the chewing organ, the psychological strain on a person is regulated.

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