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The ministry of a priest in the reality of a children’s hospice and a palliative center

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Priest Roman Artemov, Master of Philosophy, Master of Psychology, Head of the Distance Learning Department of the Minsk Theological Academy, guidance priest of the Belarusian Children’s Hospice and the Republican Clinical Center for Palliative Care for Children. (Minsk, Republic of Belarus)

In this article the Belarusian priest mission in the hospice and his cooperation with Bilarasian Centre of Palliative medicine are set out. The necessity of the presence of priests in palliative centre Is stated in the Regulation on Providing Palliative Aid in which, alongside with psychological, medical , social  and legal support,  the spiritual help is mentioned as well.  Being at the place of suffering, pain, difficulties and irresistibility certainly is the direct obligation of pastor.

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