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Commentary of the meeting no. 124 “Necrotizing soft tissue infections”

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Archpriest Sergey Filimonov, Chairman of the Saint Petersburg Orthodox Doctors Society, Dr. Sci. (Med), Professor. (St. Petersburg)

The Commentary says that among orthodox people there are those who have reasonable approach to achievements in medicine and those who ignore such and use different paramedical and pseudo-medical methods, technologies and various substances. Relevant examples are given, and when analyzing the occurrence of necrotizing infection, it is shown that in many cases the progression of these infections took place as a result of incorrect deformed pseudo-religious views, when underneath the mask of faith and “false trust” in God, when in reality these people didn’t ask for a blessing and did not rely on the providence of God, people ignored the achievements of medicine, different pathological conditions occurred, which led, among other things, to this pathological process discussed in this report.

One of the ways to prevent these diseases, therefore, is health education, in a religious environment as well. Unfortunately, experience shows that relevant conditions, those are not mental disorder states, but states of spiritual damage that push pseudo-religious people to use various substances and methods that lead to damage and disability.

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