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Commentary of the meeting no. 112 “Microbiota”

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Archpriest Sergey Filimonov, Chairman of the Saint Petersburg Orthodox Doctors Society, Dr. Sci. (Med), Professor. (St. Petersburg)

According to the Commentary, as a result of food composition changes during fasting, some transformations of intestinal microbiome can occur in a person and the church, for quite some time already, have considered entering the fast for beginners, as well as for people who already have some experience in fasting, also people, suffering from intestinal diseases, have their own measure of fasting, people who have various general diseases, serious chronic diseases, the church provides for a different kind of fast. It is said in the Commentary that there cannot be a unified approach to people, attending the church, that the measure of the fast due to different changes that take place in a person’s system includes an individual approach of a priest, depending on age, health, gender, nature of work, etc.

Scientific data is analyzed regarding gut microbiome alteration and its restore. For that reason, the Commentary refers to the need of educating people who try to live the church life, to enter the fast correctly, proper fasting and its correct ending, as well as compliance with recommendations of the church and confessors.

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