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Commentary of the meeting no. 122, dedicated to osteoporosis

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Archpriest Sergey Filimonov, Chairman of the Saint Petersburg Orthodox Doctors Society, Dr. Sci. (Med), Professor. (St. Petersburg)

Osteoporosis is a disease that leads to increased bone fracturing and is accompanied by various types of fractures in people, attending the church (parishioners). There are modern methods for diagnosing the degree of osteoporosis, densitometry and relevant diagnostic technologies, as well as diagnostic devices, that is why it is so important for parishioners of old age to know their degree of osteoporosis in order to prevent the development of the disease, corresponding fractures and injuries.

For that reason, the fast, suitable for healthy people and for people, suffering from osteoporosis (developing osteoporosis), differs. These scientific achievements can be used for the prevention of fractures and injuries in elderly people, that is why it is not a church violation to continue this research and to identify the degree of person’s bones damage. In this case, a priest can rely on this medical data for deciding the measure of the fast of an individual and give permission to use products that include calcium, as well as various calcium-containing medication that can prevent the development of this disease and help a person.

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