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Clinical and biomechanical substantiation of the sparing method of implantation prosthetics of the edentulous lower jaw

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Yuri V. Parshin

Candidate of Medical Sciences, dentist orthopedist, therapist, surgeon, assistant at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Materials Science with the course of orthodontics at The Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, full member of the St Petersburg Orthodox Doctors Society

The use of an implants set (from 3 to 8) is often unavailable for elderly patients due to significant atrophy of the alveolar part in the lateral regions, a large number of concomitant somatic diseases, high invasiveness, cost of treatment (due to the lack of quotas for these purposes) and fear of injury during an operation. The proposed method of implantation prosthetics using a single implant allows achieving low invasiveness, high quality of life and economy. The degree of fixation achieved with a single musculoskeletal implant was sufficient to increase the quality of functionality and ease of use of the mandibular prosthesis.

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