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«The PAL-LIFE project and the White Book for global palliative care advocacy»

Dr.ssa Nunziata Comoretto (Officiale di studio, Pontificia Accademia per la Vita)

The video is in English

The World Health Organization recently approved the 13th General Program of Work recognizing the ‘‘limited availability of [palliative care (PC)] services in much of the world and the great avoidable suffering for millions of patients and their families’’ and concluded with several recommendations for further PC development and support for global PC advocacy campaigns.

Recently, Pope Francis shared with health professionals meaningful words on PC: “I encourage professionals and students to specialize in this type of assistance which is no less valuable for the fact that it is not life-saving. [PC] accomplishes something equally important: it values the person”

In 2017, the Pontifical Academy for Life launched an international project called ‘‘PAL-LIFE: An International Advisory Working Group on diffusion and development of palliative care in the world’’ to advise on how the Catholic Church could assist in continued PC development at the global level, according to the mission of the PAV to promote care for human life, recognizing the dignity of all persons regardless of their condition, diagnosis or prognosis.

The aim of the PAL-LIFE Project is to stimulate the social and cultural attention on the reality of PC and to promote, at different levels, the dialogue and cooperation between the various stakeholders in the realization of concrete projects of PC.


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