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Medicine and music

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Galina L. MIKIRTICHAN, head of Humanitarian Subjects and Biomedical Ethics Sub-department of Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, professor, Dr. Sci. (Med)

This report concerns the phenomenon of the relationship between medicine and art, and in particular, the indissoluble unity of music and medicine, that had formed from ancient times. In contrast to people of other professions, medical workers have to face human sufferings related to diseases and death virtually at every turn. It may be the reason they have a big necessity in calming and conciliating effect of music. Some doctors, whose love for music was more than a hobby, but led practically to a professional composer’s and performer’s activity, provoke a particular interest. The report tells about doctors-musicians A. Shveitser, T. Bilrot, S.P. Botkin, A. Borodin, and others.

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