Modern achievements in Geriatrics. The problems of Elderly Population

Vladimir K. Khavinson , Director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Science, professor of the Department of Gerontology and Geriatrics of the Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University, vice-president of the Gerontological Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the European Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Psychological characteristics of elderly people

Natalya A. Pivovarova, psychologist, member of the Russian Art Therapeutic Association, member of the Orthodox Psychologists Society of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)

Commentary on reports of Khavinson V.H. аnd Pivovarova N.A.: “Specifics of spiritual care for elderly people”

Archpriest Sergey Filimonov, chairman of the Orthodox Doctors Society of St. Petersburg, Dr. Sci. (Med), Professor (St. Petersburg)

Part 1: The analysis of the paper of the Church and Public Council on Geriatrics

Part 2: Pastoral aspects of spiritual care for elderly people

Experience of proactive and supportive care for elderly patients with glaucoma

Vladimir A. Tkachev, ophthalmologist, Head of the Altai Regional Ophthalmological Hospital (Barnaul)