Interaction of Church and Medicine. Doctor's Prayer

Prayer of an Orthodox doctor according to the teaching of St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky)

Archpriest Sergiy Filimonov, Chairman of Saint Petersburg Orthodox Doctors Society, Dr. Sci. (Med), professor. (Saint Petersburg)

 Volunteer ministry of Orthodox doctors: problems, development, spiritual meaning

Sergey A. Nikolaenko, Chairman of the Board
of Krasnoyarsk Regional Orthodox Doctors Society named after Archbishop Luke, Dr. Sci. (Med), Professor. (Krasnoyarsk)

Organization of assistance to the sick and wounded warriors at the Tikhvinsky Uspensky Monastery during the First World War

Hieromonk Venedict (Shustov), Chairman of the diocesan department on interaction with medical institutions of the Tikhvin Diocese. (Tikhvin)