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Welcome words

Metropolitan Varsonofiy of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga

Dear participants of the conference “Church and Medicine”!

Warm greetings to all of you and congratulations on the beginning of the conference.

We all know that nothing happens without God’s will, therefore today’s conference is being held under difficult conditions of an epidemic. But, nevertheless, we need to get together and discuss all those questions that emerge these days.

I would like to thank all the doctors who are working at the front today – we are all grateful to you. In my opinion the most important capital that doctors have is human love. Because you carry out the sacrificial service so that we all are healthy, we thank you greatly and express our true love and pray for the Lord to give you strength and wisdom; the knowledge you have. And so that you restore as many people as possible for a normal life in this tough time. Because everybody is worried and afraid, no one knows when it’s going to come to an end. But, since the epidemic has such a worldwide character, everybody is suffering now. That’s why we all should exchange experience, where someone is better at, to ask for advice how to survive these troubled times. In order not to get sick ourselves and help those who caught the disease.

I’d like to wish you success, God’s help in holding this conference, share experience with each other and be an example to all other doctors who don’t believe in God. But we are all Orthodox people. You trust God, we trust you. So, I wish all of us to work together in this challenging time and to help, as the Lord teaches us, so that we lay down our souls for our neighbors. Therefore, we always welcome your sacrificial service, we thank you and pray for the Lord to strengthen you in your service to people.
May God bless you for many years!

Metropolitan of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga